Founding partners

Hungary’s transition from socialist mass production to market economy caused great difficulty for the industry in Pécs. The Glove Factory made several attempts to redefine itself, which later proved to be unsuccessful. Privatized but still underfunded Hunor and Mihály Marczi went separate ways in 1992.

In 1993, Mihály Marczi and partners (Thomas Melchinger, János Bognár, József Hajtmann, Gábor Marczi) founded Gant Pécsi Kesztyű Ltd. A little factory with huge enthusiasm, the company surpassed targets year by year, and consequently made quick progress. Founders Thomas Melchinger and János Bognár ensured a continuous flow of orders, while József Hajtmann, Mihály Marczi and Gábor Marczi, building on this stable background, worked hard to set up a suitable structure for the organization. The result of their work proved to be lasting when, after János Bognár, and later Thomas Melchinger left the company, the factory still managed to continue growing. The company started to take on a family enterprise character when Ágnes Marczi also joined the organization. The death of József Hajtmann was a serious loss; as a result, the tailoring section, which is the basis for quality glove making, had to be reorganized.